concrete paver installationConcrete pavers are one of our favorite things. Really, while taking pictures for our wedding last May, the photographers teased us and told us to say “pavers” instead of “cheese”! Pretty ridiculous, I know! Here is a picture taken at our wedding. Nic laid this walkway!

As such, Nic and I are always on the lookout for concrete paver installation jobs gone bad! You can really tell the quality of a landscaper’s work and the level of his skill by examining his concrete paver installation jobs. Concrete pavers can be a great investment. They can add to the beauty, usability, and value of any home, but if done incorrectly, they can be a nightmare! Concrete paver installation jobs can get pretty pricey. Many landscaping contractors operate by trying to give people the best price out there on these jobs. While price is obviously a factor in considering any bid, it can also be a testament to the job quality and workmanship itself. Many landscaping contractors cut corners on these jobs. They figure homeowners won’t know the difference…as long as the job looks good when they leave, it’s all good. Well, any job can look good for a day, or even a few months. That is why we stand behind our concrete paver installs, and offer a 2 year warranty!

There is a process for concrete paver installation, and it is vital that all steps are performed. In general, concrete pavers must be laid on a excavated compacted surface. Depending upon the use and durability needed, the surface must be excavated a minimum of 4 inches. If the pavers need to sustain more weight, like for a driveway, the surface could need up to 10 inches of excavation. In addition, the base must also contain AB and sand. The amount will vary, like the excavation does, depending on the durability needed. The base must be compactly tamped and leveled. The pavers should also be laid at a slight slope, in order to account for drainage. If laying pavers on a slope, or anything other than a flat surface, additional measures have to be taken. The calculations and measurements can get pretty complicated, but it is so important for all these variables to be considered. Many times, we get calls from people wanting to know how much we charge for pavers. As you can see, we can not just give out a generic quote over the phone. Each job is different, and we have to see it and assess accordingly.

Here are some recent examples of some concrete paver installation jobs we found gone bad!

concrete paver installation

Here is an example of where the contractors did not plan the layout of a patio correctly and ended up with a gap!


concrete paver installation


Definitely uneven, definitely a safety hazard.  Watch your step!


concrete paver installation



Not sure what these contractors were thinking leaving the landscape lighting wires ON TOP of the pavers?

concrete paver installation



I have heard of quick sand before, but quick pavers?!      The base here was not compacted correctly.


concrete paver installation


To the untrained eye, this might look great.  But,this walkway is missing a critical piece…the border!  How are these pavers going to stay in place?



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